Install Antenna

Thread the antenna onto the exposed connector on top of the camera.

Warning: Never attempt to power on the camera without an antenna. Doing so may cause permanent damage.

Insert Batteries

Open the camera door, and insert 8 AA batteries. Pay attention to proper battery orientation.

Obtain Camera IMEI

Power on the camera. When the camera powers up, it will display its IMEI. You will need the IMEI later when you subscribe for service.

When you have written down the IMEI, power off the camera.

Create Account

From the registration page create a new account.

You will be sent a confirmation request via email. Click the link provided in the email to continue.

Subscribe Camera

Type your IMEI into the entry box, and click the "Subscribe New Camera" button.

A summary of your bill will be shown. Check the checkbox to agree to the terms of service, then click "Subscribe Now". You will be prompted for credit card information at this point.

Power Up Camera

Your camera service is now active. Power on the camera. The LCD will show that the camera is connecting to the network. Upon connection, you should see a side by side camera & trap status screen.

View Camera Status

You are ready to view the camera through the BoarBuster service web site. Back in your web browser, click the "Open" button to view your camera status page. Here you will see status icons similar to what is on the camera LCD. You will also see recent alerts, video recordings, and the last motion triggered photograph.

Wakeup Camera

Click the "Wakeup Camera" button to wake up the camera. It will take 30 to 60 seconds for the camera to wakeup and establish a connection. Once online, you will be presented more options.

Stream Video

Click the "View Stream" button. In a few seconds, you should see a live video window.

Learn More

Read more about the camera and trap on the BoarBuster community website.